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Dear players,

In less than an hour we are going to close down our Open Beta! This will be done in preparation for tomorrow, the big day, the launch day! :purple_heart:

First of all I would like to thank on behalf of all L2Ancestral Team, our players, you! All the beta testers, the hard workers, the ones that reported in-game, here and everyone who suggested improvements and quality of life changes! As you already know we have addressed a lot of things that you suggested, with a very specific perspective on care and balance! :purple_heart:

We are very proud of our L2Ancestral Game Server and we are more than excited to share this with you starting tomorrow! I remind you all that all the updates and an updated Server Features Page will be found on our website within the next 7hrs and we will announce everything here too.

:dart: The Launch will be 23.04.2021 18:00 GMT+2 || THIS IS TOMORROW!!!! :dart: