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Dear Players,

We would like to welcome you to L2Ancestral Project. 

We have put a lot of care, love and effort in this project to keep it as cleaner as we can. As original as possible. And the nostalgia flows within our server. Here you will find active staff, people who really care to help and create a community that’s long lasting. We are here for the long run! This project started a while ago but has evolved into something bigger and bigger. We’re super excited to present it to you. We call you to explore our website and community on discord and see for yourselves! 

L2Ancestral is a normal server, x9 rate, with nothing Custom. The only improvements are quality of life elements and some help for your starting leveling journey only. From there onwards, you’re embarking for your own adventure! We are excited to see what path you will carve for yourselves! 

Speak soon!

See you in the adventure,

Bubbles & An4rchy

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